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Latest Landlord Articles and Podcasts

Aaron DiCaprio on Rent Default Insurance – Landlord Survival Show 31

September 4, 2019

Steve and Aaron discuss rent/tenant default insurance who would benefit from it. For instance, accidental landlords that might not have the ability to do deal with cash flow issues. One of the largest stress issues being an investor is of course dealing with a tenant problem that leads to a cash flow interruption due to… [Read More]

Juan Vargas on Owning Multi-Family Units – Landlord Survival Show 30

August 6, 2019

Steve and Juan talk about the challenges of owning a multi-family property. From maintenance nightmares to the nervousness of purchasing a large apartment complex, the deals never get easier – you just get better. Juan shares his experience with multi-family units and what kind of opportunities he looks for in his next investment. Juan Vargas… [Read More]

Gabe Rodarte of Vertical House Buyers – Landlord Survival Show 29

July 12, 2019

Steven Rozenberg and Gabe Rodarte discuss how to get from concentrating on your rental property as just a house you own and change your mindset to view it as a business. What changes can you make to your property to make your property more attractive to buyers and get more rent for it. The importance… [Read More]

Undrea King on Growing from a Solo Wholeseller to having a Team and Business to Manage – Landlord Survival Show 28

June 24, 2019

Undrea King joins Steve to talk about wholesaling, flipping and rehabbing property. He discusses his journey from a one-man wholesaler job to a business with a team to manage, and the sudden need for having good systems and processes in place. Undrea King is a Flipper/Rehabber Find Undrea on Bigger Pockets and on his podcast… [Read More]

Chris Picciurro on Taxes and Investment Property – Landlord Survival Show 27

May 28, 2019

Steve and Chris are discussing tax issues and advantages you have when you own investment property Everything from the tax advantages of owning property to how to create and keep your wealth. Are you taking advantage of all the tax benefits? Accelerating deductions or deferring them depending on your situation Why the tax code favors… [Read More]

Juan Cristales on Real Estate Investing and Flipping – Landlord Survival Show 26

May 24, 2019

Juan C. Cristales joins Steve to discuss many aspects of real estate investing and flipping. – The fear of purchasing that first investment property – How having a mentor to guide you through the process the first time is a huge advantage – Don’t focus on the reasons that won’t work and find the ways… [Read More]

Alexander Buriak on Hard Money Loans – Landlord Survival Show 25

May 1, 2019

Steve and Alex discuss hard money loans for real estate investments as well as the real estate market in general. Alex explains how he went from being a doctor putting in a lot of hours at the office to his real estate career where he is enjoying more family time. Hard money loans, also called… [Read More]

Jason Waggoner on Screening Tenants – Landlord Survival Show 24

April 17, 2019

Steve and Jason discuss the importance of screening tenants and what to consider in this process. What items are important to look at in the screening process to ensure you are getting a quality tenant in your home? What can you ask about during a screening? What questions are off limit in order to comply… [Read More]

Tarl and Grace Yarber – Fix and Flip Real Estate – Landlord Survival Show 23

April 2, 2019

Tarl and Grace Yarber started off in real estate, and since 2011 they have done over 600 real estate single family transactions for investment purposes. Since 2014, through Fixated Real Estate they have done 45 Million in fix and flip real estate in the Seattle area. They suddenly realized, they should have been keeping these… [Read More]

Kristin Gerst on Real Estate Investment – The Landlord Survival Show 22

March 25, 2019

Kristin Gerst returns to the Landlord Survival show to discuss real estate investing, mortgages and her exciting new venture into what she likes to call short-term corporate rentals. Wait until you find out her returns on those! Not to mention she has these set up as smart homes that she can control remotely. Guest: Find… [Read More]